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PhD Student | University of California, Merced

Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group


Ivan Gonzalez-Soto

About Me

Ivan is a doctoral student with the Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Group at the University of California Merced. His research bridges critical race and ethnic studies, history, and environmental studies to explore questions about race, labor, and technology in southernmost California's Imperial Valley.


Through historical methods, he examines the ways in which the Imperial Valley’s environmental conditions are rooted in structures of resource extraction, racialized labor, and industrial capital accumulation. To that end, his research highlights how built and natural environments, social relations, and large-scale economies precipitated through the onset of water development projects on the US-Mexico borderlands.

Born in rural California’s Central Valley and raised in the Imperial Valley, Ivan attributes his childhood and lived experiences along the border to the questions pursued in his graduate research.